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4TBase 4.0

4TBase 4.0

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4TBASE is a  simulation software by Soft-Engine for 4-stroke engines, very easy to use. The software final purpouse is to compute horsepower, torque, specifical consumption and many other quantities. This product  is the result of many years of research and experience in simulation codes. Data to be entered include  valve lift law, timing, all exhaust and inlet pipes diameters and lengths,  compression ratio and fuel, directly on the engine layout. The input of experimental data (flow test bench and thermal or mechanical losses) is not compulsory but help the expert to better study the engine behaviour and  obtain more accurate results. This software calculates inlet, exhaust pipes and cylinder pressure, it simulates horsepower, torque and volumetric efficiency performances. The most important function is the variation of engine data, as at a test bench. You can modify any values you want. After a further calculation process, you obtain new values which can be compared with the previous ones.


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