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Suspension 4.0

Suspension 4.0

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SUSPENSION is a revolutionary SOFT-ENGINE software to allow project and testing of rear motorcycle and bike suspension systems for all possible layouts. Input data is extremely simple, because layout can be directly drown by user. So you can draw and test all possible rear motorcycle-bike layouts both the traditional ones and new design. Infact you can input untill 8 elements like rod, rockers: you can eventually ''invent'' new kind of suspension systems, as shown in the pictures! There is also the possibility to input geometrical data by dimensions and angles rather than coords. You have only to draw the suspension geometry and input free spring, dismounted shock absorber and (eventually) buffer data to create a complete new project, but, if you like, you can input and test each of these objects separately. After input data, you can test the behaviour of projected suspension by the simulation of drown layout (mouvement Vs Wheel travel)  or study diagrams like Progressive-rate of compression, Leverage ratio, Shock-absorber compression, Shock-absorber length, Wheel rate, Wheel load and more others. For each quantity it's possible to watch the peak value, to read the curve's instantaneous value step by step (''Cursor'' function), to compare new suspension project to analyse their differences and others. Moreover, Reverse Function (layout automatic variation, to obtain any input leverage ratio curve) and  Layout professional setup (on leverages connections clearances).


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IMPORTANT: FOR WHOM USE "PAYPAL" METHOD, IT IS NECESSARY DO THE "LOG-OFF" ("go back Rovincent") AFTER PAYMENT, TO GO BACK THIS E-COMMERCE WEBSITE OR WAIT FOR 15 SECONDS, OTHERWISE THE "DOWNLOAD" PROCEDURE COULD NOT WORK WELL. In case of mistake, please contact Soft-Engine, that will send the purchased software directly.

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